Phones spoiling wedding photography

Phones during wedding ceremony spoiling wedding photography © Manuel Meszarovits.


I remember ten years ago, it was such pleasure to work for weddings, only focused on the joy and emotion of everyone and specially during the wedding ceremony. It was really easy to capture every important moments; the first look of the groom looking for the bride walking down the aisle, the emotion of the bride, the tears of the father, the happiness on the face of the mother. And everyone was totaly concentrated on this so particular time!

Today, we are far away from this sweet time, because people come to ceremonies with their phones and Ipads and, instead to watch the most important moment of your life, enjoying the emotional and beautiful ceremony, some of the guests are all time taking photos with their smart phones, sometime moving during the service or jumping in front of me, to find better place to take a photo, or if I want to capture the moment of the parents or guests seated on the church, I have all time on my frame someone with a smart phone, interfering with my work and loosing important shot. So ruining more and more of my shots! Today when I am providing wedding photography on a ceremony, is more and more difficult to capture what I want to capture and to have my appropriate photography.

Everyone with phones during wedding ceremony © Manuel Meszarovits.

The work of the wedding photographer is one of the most difficult of the profession, because all happens in less than a fraction of millisecond. The studio photographer can afford to take 2 hours to prepare his photograph, preparing everything, not the wedding photographer. Is just for a moment and only once. No second chance! So just a shame!!

And the shame is double, because the couple was hiring me to have a fantastic memory of their wedding day with beautiful pictures, to ensure that they will have incredible photographs. They have seen before my work and they felt in love with my work and the high quality of my services. They was paying me for that quite a bit of money! I don’t come to share a wedding, I come to offer a beautiful and unbelievable memory of the day, one of the most important of the life of the couple!

Entrance of the bride with all people taking photos with smart phones © Manuel Meszarovits.

So what is the goal?? To spoiling the wedding photographies of the bridal couple?? To compromise the work of the wedding photographer?? Is more important to make your own photographies, creating distraction for everyone?? I am really sad for that even I start to have a big collection of smart phones…

So please, one way; turn off your phones and put down your Ipad during the wedding ceremony. Is not too long, and you will survive without your phone during one hour, you will enjoy much more the beautiful moment and, like this, you will respect the couple and the ceremony! And it will be more relaxing too for the couple, instead of being disturbed by people with raised arms, taking photos and photos! I think, the best way, is to have a fully unplugged wedding ceremony. Once the wedding ceremony is over, feel free to keep your phone, to make your own photography.

A woman blocking me taking photo with phone © Manuel Meszarovits.A man going just in front of me during the last walking aisle © Manuel Meszarovits.

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