New York City Photographs

New York City called “The Big Apple”is the most populous city in the United States and one of the cultural capital of the world. The city is so big and so rich that you need many years to explore. New York is a very inspiring city and an incubator of everything; art, culture, media with innovative publications, design, music, architecture, technology. Everyone can fall in love with New York, fascinating city for a number of reasons and specialy with his incredible energy. A city where the subway is running 24/7. In a metropolis with 7,966 sit-down restaurants you can eat pretty much anything at any time. In New York city you can travel the world without leaving the boroughs and no no passport required. New York is the most linguistically diverse city with over 800 languages spoken. With 420 theaters, New York is the city of the world with the highest concentration of theaters with his legendary theaters of Broadway. You can find anything at any time, day or night because New York is a 24-hour city. And, for New Yorkers they love New York so much than for them, is the best city in the world, even if the city is so expensive, chaotic, imposing and sometimes unfriendly.
Only one defect of importance for me; impossible to drink a good coffee even you go to Little Italy district 😉
New York City BW photographs by Manuel Meszarovits

 Overview of New York City form the Empire State Building © Manuel Meszarovits.New York City skyline photography © Manuel Meszarovits.Street photography New York City © Manuel Meszarovits.Street photography night and day New York City © Manuel Meszarovits.Roof mounted water storage tanks in New York City © Manuel Meszarovits.


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