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Lebanese weddings are  big social events and everyone loves them! Since 15 years I am providing weddings all around the globe, I have a special fondness for one country; Lebanon and Lebanese weddings. Anywhere else I have felt similar atmosphere as well as in Lebanon. Firstly the warm and friendly way of Lebanese people. Lebanese people are also cross-cultural, multi-task and their high level of skills is proxied by their educational attainment that sets them apart from everybody. Just for this reason, because my work start being close the people, that is a fantastic way to photographing them. Secondly there is nowhere else this singular way of weddings like in Lebanon maybe because of the situation in the country, where people have to take and make the most of that opportunity, as if today were the last day! Thirdly people with high-budget want the most unbelievable wedding, better than the previous one that everyone was considered to be the most outstanding, to make it even greater. Is like a race of who will make the biggest, the most luxurious, the most extravagant, the most astonishing, the most breathtaking  that people have ever seen!

Luxurious wedding by Paul Nasr.

If five, six years ago, there were only two or three companies in the wedding industry, today Lebanon has more than 25 luxury professional wedding planning companies, whose qualifications and standards meet with international specifications. Many Arabs and Europeans use the service of famous Lebanese wedding planners to help them out with their weddings and some of these customers come from far away to Lebanon to celebrate their wedding.

Here you are a list of some of the most incredible creative and talented wedding planners in Lebanon.

Fairytale wedding by Nicole Lebbos.

Nicole Lebbos

When creativity meets professionalism wedding planner. Nicole Lebbos offers prestigious services for orchestrating fabulous events and she will make your dreams come true to have an unforgettable wedding-day in Beirut and Lebanon.

Once by Ziad Raphael Nassar wedding planner Lebanon.

Once by Ziad Raphael Nassar

Once is the brainchild of visionary and wedding designer Ziad Raphael Nassar, a wedding events company working between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Ziad Raphael Nassar is the creator of over 60 royal weddings and designer of events for the world’s most illustrious clientele producing once-in-a-lifetime fairytales and unforgettable visions.

Paul Nasr first-class wedding planner in Lebanon.

Paul Nasr

One of the hottest weddings planners in Lebanon since 2007 organizing high luxury breathtaking weddings. Expanded nationally and internationally as a recognized first class event and wedding planner. Paul Nasr can transform any location into unforgettable scenery reflecting our client’s imagination combined with his line of design.

Les Rêves de Gaston wedding planner Beirut, Events that tell your story.

Les Rêves de Gaston

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Caracter Events luxury wedding planner Lebanon.

Caracter Events

Founded and established by Alain Hadife and Danielle Mallat in 1998, Caractere Events is a Lebanese based company which is specialized in weddings, social events and corporate dinners. Caractere Events builds its reputation on high standards, technology and expertise in creating tailor made events.

Mine Weddings and Events Lebanon.

Mine Weddings & Events

Mine Sal was founded by Pamela Mehanna and Ramzi Mattar, the company specializes in planning glamorous weddings in Middle East and Europe, for those who demand first class services. Mine has become associated with grand events combining Pamela’s perception in lavish and luxurious decoration, and Ramzi’s vision in settings and design.

Level by Toni Breiss wedding planner Lebanon.

Level by Toni Breiss

Toni Breiss is the modern visionary, dedicated only to surpassing client expectations and producing one of-a-kind events through distinguished styles and exceptional themes. Toni Breiss creates design events and weddings with a personal touch and creative eye. A company that offers only the highest level of creativity.

Robert Hykl wedding design.

Robert Hykl

Along with his team, Robert marks his signature on every occasion, a signature that reflects one’s reverie and is the product of a scenery designation until reaching the colorless color, the shapeless shape and the 27th letter. Robert Hykl provide that little extra chic modish effect, voguish texture and lavish atmosphere.

FIFT15N wedding planner Lebanon.


Driven by an entreprenurial spirit and a creative mind, the founders, Rhea Hindi and Mona Kamand succeeded in building a strong reputation in the field of event planning. FIFT15N is today renowned for its custom-tailored approach where the client needs are at the core of its business values.

Fadi Fattouh wedding planner Lebanon.

Fadi Fattouh

Fadi Fattouh company has over 11 years of experience in the event industry. Fadi Fattouh is specialized in designing and planning events from weddings. Every element of your wedding comes together with style and efficiency, transforming your initial concept into a flawless, memorable event.

BAZ Events exclusive wedding planner Beirut.

Baz Events by Walid Baz

As a wedding planner, creativity & exclusivity are the keywords of Baz Events agency. Their weddings are no longer just about an abundance of flowers, they have become events on a larger–than-life scale, incorporating a myriad of elements, including architecture, set design, furniture making, lighting & Art installation.

DesignLab Events wedding planner Beirut.

DesignLab Events

DesignLab Experience specializes in large-scale events for individual and public clients. Their in-house team of designers and architects creates environments that combine advanced technology with refined craftsmanship. Designlab events transforms wedding and event dreams into spectacular reality for refined clientele.

Matisse Events wedding planning Beirut.

Matisse Events

The approach of Matisse Events to events is extremely personalized as our team guarantees its undivided attention to each and every client throughout the management process. At Matisse Events, the story begins with you. They work with their clients every step of the way to craft an unforgettable experience with soul, vision and energy.

Le Mariage wedding planner Lebanon.

Le Mariage

Le Mariage is specialized in outstanding wedding events and high standards of service, with a team of designers and architect creating environments that combine advanced technology with refined craftsmanship.

EyeCandy wedding planner Lebanon.


EyeCandy is renowned for showcasing the very best in creativity, talent and skill, founded by Lina and her brother Robert Sarkisian, EyeCandy is specialized in their design and management of exclusive luxury weddings. EyeCandy is driven by the pursuit for perfection and recognized for consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible…

Elie Berchan wedding planner Lebanon.

Elie Berchan

Since it was established in 2010, Elie Berchan Wedding and Events Creation has become the partner of choice for modern, sophisticated couples and top companies who demand first-class service and a world-class event, creating elegant, stylish, glamorous, and memorable wedding celebrations.

Neiman Azzi wedding planner Lebanon.

Neiman Azzi

Neiman Azzi is the Maestro by excellence… a unique Maestro, second to none and… bearer of a guaranteed success. An orchestra conductor who combines rigor and discipline to creativity, in a remarkable subtle manner and in a vanguard perspective in particular a professional vision.

  • Photos courtesy of wedding planners

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